2019 Elections - May 15, 2019 (by )

Tired of politics? Here is your opportunity to engage in fairly non-controversial and rewarding issues on a very local level, without a grueling, eye-rolling 2 year campaign period!

The Fungus Federation is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We have all the trappings, including a set of bylaws and a Board of Directors, known as Ministers in Fungusfedspeak. Elections are held every two years at the last meeting of the season. This year's elections will be held at the Membership meeting on May 15th at the Harvey West Scout House.

Below you'll find a list of the Board Members up for election. Please note that only the Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister positions require having served previously as a board member. The other positions can be held by any FFSC member. This is a super opportunity to get involved in the operation of the Fungus Federation, direct and shape the club's activities, and get to know a great group of people. 

Again, THIS IS AN ELECTION! You can step up for any office, even if there is already a name listed. Several positions have provisional candidates who are open to either stepping aside for an enthusiastic new person. 

To get a sense of what is entailed in these positions, see Ministerial Duties. Check out the duties, see if anything looks interesting, and chat up the relevant ministers. They'll be happy to talk about what they do so you can see if a particular job might be a good fit. Let Prime Minister Justin Pierce know if you'd like to participate!

Elected Positions:

Prime Minister: Justin Pierce

Vice Prime Minister:  Open - Richard Rammer will run but would welcome an actual race (or perhaps step aside for another candidate)

Minister of Propaganda: Open - Kitty Elvin will continue but welcomes new volunteers contribute to this position.

Minister of the Exchequer (Finance) : Margaret Carpenter

Minister of Membership: Open

Minister of Programs: Richard Lyness has volunteered to return to this position, but is open to stepping aside for a fresh contributor.

Minister of Long Distance Forays: Open - Kitty Elvin will continue if necessary but would love to pass this essential and rewarding position on.

Minister of Local Forays: Dan Tischler. Dan would like to form a Local Foray Committee to increase variety and frequence of local forays.
Scribe:  Andrea Wilson can continue or pass to an aspiring scribe. Super intro position, no knowledge of mushrooms necessary.

Stores: Andrea Wilson

Science Advisors: Henry Young, Christian Schwarz, Phil Carpenter 


Appointed Positions:  These positions are not part of the elections process but please let Justin Pierce or a board member know if you have an interest in one of these!

Sustenance: Bob Wynn

Culinary: Bob Wynn continues in Culinary and would welcome a co-conspirator for planning and setup duties

Video/Media: Justin Pierce, welcomes members of potential media committee  


Education: Jeanne Gonda

Fair: Les Seltzer

NAMA Representative: Phil Carpenter

Minister at LargeOpen.


The updated elected ministers are found at this page:  http://ffsc.us/Ministers