Why join the Fungus Federation?

Face it: you can learn a bit about mushrooming by coming to the Fungus Fair, sitting in on a few general meetings, and studying on your own. Or you can take it up a notch and gain a lot of knowledge by participating with a group of experienced foragers, mycologists, and mycophages. Have fun, learn and be safe! Joining FFSC is a bargain at $25 for new members and for yearly renewals.

Expand your knowledge! Monthly meetings September through May feature informal identification sessions, informative and renowned speakers, refreshments and great people. Members are eligible for free and reduced-cost classes, workshops and events.

Explore new places! Local day forays and weekend camping and lodging forays to the Sierras and North Coast, and beyond. Nothing compares with learning in the field from experienced collectors.

For the food and fun! We love cooking with mushrooms as much as we do finding them, and our culinary events are proof positive. We like to meet new people and have fun.


Benefits of being a member of the FFSC:


  • Beginner and intermediate ID classes;
  • Free and low cost workshops;
  • Free or discount local forays;
  • Reasonably-priced long distance forays;
  • Discounts on books and mushrooming supplies;
  • Access to FFSC exclusive video archives;
  • Admission to exclusive culinary events.
  • Support FFSC monthly speakers
  • Support mycology research and scholarships



Why did I join the FFSC? A few comments from members:


The opportunity to share my enthusiasm and to learn, in real time, with real people, in the real outdoors, and with real live fungi with real tactile, olfactory, culinary and visual experiences. Can't find that on the net.
Susan L.

I'm a member because I enjoy reading about how you folks are doing when you're on forays, enjoy jotting down an occasional recipe, and especially enjoy watching the enjoyment that any of you get when you might hit the 'motherload' of whatever you're going after! I pick and eat porcini, morels and chanterelles, and thats it, but my passion for each is huge, so I'm happy to pay $20/year…
Jack O.

I love the photos and I'm learning from the posts, and also because I want to support a group that has many expert mushroom ID-ers. If I make a mistake in bird or plant ID, it ain't fatal…
Mary Ann H.

Interest in wild mushrooms appears to form a peculiar filter of humanity, selecting people who are definitely to my liking.
Milan J.