Cornell Cornell Mushroom Blog
A mushroom blog from the Mycology Department of Plant Pathology Cornell University that aimed at ordinary people with a tendency towards mycophilia.
MycoKey The MycoKey Mycelium blog
The MycoKey Mycelium is a blog run by Kerstin Gillen, Thomas Læssøe & Jens H. Petersen.
Mushroom Observer Mushroom Observer
Think of it as "... a living field guide for mushrooms or a collaborative mushroom field journal."

Classes and Tours

Redwood Coast Tours Biodiversiphile ( formerly Redwood Coast Tours)
A group of naturalists passionate about California's land, ocean, and wildlife. They offers tours and classes.
Mushroaming Mushroaming
Daniel Winkler's Mushroom Eco-Tours


Lockwood Photo Gallery and online store for Taylor F. Lockwood
Beautiful mushrooms from around the world featuring a gallery of one thousand mushrooms, listing by Latin name, bioluminescent images, educational DVDs, books, etc.

Dyeing and Art

MycoPigments Mycopigments - Alissa Allen’s mushroom dye and pigment blog
Alissa Allen shares her mushroom dye and watercolor paintmaking experiments and experiences with everyone.
dbeebee Dorothy Beebe’s - International Mushroom Dye Institute
Learn more about the Art of Mushroom Dyeing.