2018 Mycopigments: Exploring Mushroom Dyes of the Redwood Coast with Alissa Allen (by )

? WHEN: 04/21/2018, 10 am - 4 pm
? WHERE: Boulder Creek Community Center, 13333 Middleton Ave., Boulder Creek, CA

Cortinarius smithii by Noah Siegel

Join the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz and Mycopigments for a day exploring the full spectrum of permanent color found in the mushrooms and lichens of Northern California. We will extract dye from 10 or more species of mushrooms and lichens, creating a palette of over 20 colors!

All supplies provided: You needn’t bring any supplies to class; wool samples and silk scarves will be provided. You will receive a complimentary silk scarf to practice a demonstrated dye resist technique.

Take home: In this class you will learn about mushroom safety, identification basics, and habitats. You will also learn about the importance of ethical harvest, especially pertaining to lichen dyes. At the end of the day you will take home a detailed recipe card, showcasing a rainbow of samples dyed in class; a beautiful hand dyed scarf; a procedural handout to guide your future exploration, and a customized guide to the best local dye fungi.

Personal fiber: If you’d like to dye your own fiber, there may be extra time. Please know there will be limited colors for this; usually gold and green. Only bring scoured protein fiber (ie wool, silk, alpaca etc), measured and secured in bundles of 30g or less. If working with raw fiber, please bring a small garment bag to contain your fluff. There may be leftover dye available for sharing between those who are interested. Bring some canning jars with lids, empty jugs or small buckets, if you’d like to take some home.

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Cost is $130 for FFSC members, $150 for non-members


FFSC/MSSF members register here for Saturday, April 21 workshop. Members only until March 1 

Public register here for Saturday, April 21 workshop. Public registration opens March 1


Or register directly on the Mycopigments website



Most activities will be done indoors, so dress in comfortable layers. All supplies will be provided, but there will be a larger community dye pot of yellow and or green dye for a small personal item. Feel free to bring a light weight (1-2oz) un-dyed wool or silk item for the big pot. Un-dyed silk scarves will be available for $5 in class.

Instructor Bio:

Alissa Allen with baskets of dye mushrooms Alissa Allen has been experimenting with mushroom-derived pigments for 15 years. Raised by a forager in the Pacific Northwest, she has been a student of the natural world her entire life. For the past two years she has been travelling around the US; studying regional habitats and sharing local mushroom dye palettes with fungophiles and fiber artists alike. Mushroom identification is her primary passion, but Mycopigments are her obsession. In addition using mushrooms to dye wool, she is currently exploring lichen dyes and mushroom pigments for paint. You can read more about mushroom dyes on her website http://mycopigments.com/



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