2015 Justin Pierce: mushroom propagation, reproduction and home cultivation and Election of FFSC Officers (Ministers)

? WHEN: 05/20/2015
? WHERE: Harvey West Scout House, 191 Harvey West Blvd. Santa Cruz 95060
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This month Justin Pierce will do a presentation on mushroom propagation, reproduction and home cultivation.  Yes, there was some confusion (my bad) about which date he would present when Sara Dosa couldn't come last month, but Justin has confirmed he will be speaking at our May meeting.  This should be a topic of interest.  As the local mushroom season winds down and edibles become scarce, wouldn't it be nice to have some delectables growing right at home?  Come learn all about it.

This meeting will also elect our new officers.  This is where the Fungus Federation depends on its many knowledgeable and generous members to make things happen.  Like most things, clubs are what you put into them.  We do have nominations for officers, and these folks have agreed to run, but that doesn't mean it is too late to get involved.  So if you have been enjoying the membership, think about a way to get involved in keeping it rolling!

Here is a list of the Board Members up for election.   Please note that the Prime Minister position requires having served previously as a board member. The other positions can be held by any FFSC member.

To get a sense of what is entailed in these positions, see Ministerial Duties.


Suds & Shrooms Picnic 2015 (by )

? WHEN: 05/16/2015, 11 am - 4 pm
? WHERE: Scotts Valley - details in Members area of article

Mushroom beer mug The Central Coast Zymergeeks and the Fungus Federation are sponsoring our annual Suds and ‘Shrooms Potluck Picnic on Saturday, May 16, 2015.

This is a great time to gather, enjoy the season and the usual array of great food that our excellent FFSC cooks provide...


NAMA 2015 Blue Ridge Foray

Yellow and brown mushroom

The North American Mycological Society hosts a blow-out annual foray somewhere – you guessed it! – in North America. What an opportunity to explore a new area, collect species you can't find at home, learn a lot and meet some really great people! You must be a NAMA member to attend; FFSC members receive a discounted membership due to our club's affiliated status...

Meet Amanita pruittii: Arora’s Amanita, Anonymous No More! (by Debbie Viess)

Mushroom of the Month: April, 2015


A. pruittii photographed by Taylor Lockwood-Mushroomobserver-creative commons

Those of us who are passionate about all aspects of wild mushrooms are a breed apart.  As mycophilic outliers to the societal norm, what better focus for our discerning attention than a mycological oddity like the newly named Amanita pruittii? This mushroom is unimposing, squat and warted, sometimes grows in standing water, and most curiously, is not found with a mycorrhizal partner!

What kind of strange Amanita is this??!


Urban Growing - Cultivating Oyster Mushrooms on Toilet Paper Rolls (by )

? WHEN: 05/09/2015, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
? WHERE: We have a location now: At the Nelson Louden Center, Santa Cruz, CA.
Beautiful white and grey oyster mushrooms sprouting from a toilet paper roll.

Please Note: We have a new time and a location

Ever wanted to try a simple mushroom growing project at home, but don't know where to start?  Or, looking for a fun and easy project to share with children and young adults, while teaching them about the life-cycle of a mushroom?

Then join us for the FFSC's "Urban Growing - Cultivating Oyster Mushrooms on Toilet Paper...

Filmmaker Sara Dosa — The Last Season NO. WAIT, THINGS CHANGED Justin Pierce will present on Mushroom Propagation

? WHEN: 04/15/2015, 7-9 pm
? WHERE: Harvey West Scout House, 191 Harvey West Blvd. Santa Cruz 95060
Sara Dosa hunts matsutake mushrooms

Sorry but Sara had to cancel.  We hope to have her come next month.  Instead, Justin will be doing a compelling presentation on mushroom propagation, reproduction and home cultivation.

We are happy to welcome filmmaker Sara Dosa to our April General Meeting. Sara examines the matsutake mushroom harvest in Chemult, Oregon, and the diverse community of pickers that contributes to the harvest.