There are many facets to the FFSC, with something to interest everyone. Perhaps you’ve gone out on your first foray with a friend, came back with a basket of exquisite mushrooms, and now you’ve caught the myco-bug! Where do you go from there?


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Upcoming Events

April General Meeting: Mushroom Dyes of the Northern California Coast (by )

? WHEN: 04/18/2018, 7-9 pm
? WHERE: Harvey West Scout House, Harvey West Scout House
Alissa Allen with baskets of dye mushrooms

Please join us for our General Meeting at the Harvey West Scout House.  Refreshments will be provided with informal mushroom ID from 7:00 - 7:30. A discussion of upcoming events will precede our speaker, Alissa Allen. She will present a colorful talk about Mycopigments of the Northern California Coast.

2018 Mycopigments: Exploring Mushroom Dyes of the Redwood Coast with Alissa Allen (by )

? WHEN: 04/21/2018, 10 am - 4 pm
? WHERE: Boulder Creek Community Center, 13333 Middleton Ave., Boulder Creek, CA
A rainbow of mushroom-dyed yarn

Join the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz and Mycopigments for a day exploring the full spectrum of permanent color found in the mushrooms and lichens of Northern California. We will extract dye from 10 or more species of mushrooms and lichens, creating a palette of over 20 colors!

All supplies provided: You needn’t bring any supplies to class; wool samples and silk scarves will be provided. You will receive a complimentary silk scarf to practice a demonstrated dye resist technique.

Take home: In this class you will learn about mushroom safety, identification basics, and habitats. You will also learn about the importance of ethical harvest, especially pertaining to lichen dyes. At the end of the day you will take home a detailed recipe card, showcasing a rainbow of samples dyed in class; a beautiful hand dyed scarf; a procedural handout to guide your future exploration, and a customized guide to the best local dye fungi.

2018 Wine & Mushroom Fest (by )

? WHEN: 04/28/2018, 6-9 pm
? WHERE: Scott Valley Community Center, 360 Kings Village Rd, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Our matchless co-op event with several Santa Cruz Mountain appellation wineries will again take place at the Scotts Valley Community Center. Big thanks to Culinary Minister Bob Wynn and Jeff Emery of Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard/Quinta Cruz for making the arrangements. The mushrooming crowd brings appetizers, finger food and desserts, mostly containing mushrooms...

2018 May General Meeting: Catharine A. Adams - Chemical ecology of the death cap mushroom (by )

? WHEN: 05/16/2018, 7-9 pm
? WHERE: Harvey West Scout House, Harvey West Scout House
Catharine A. Adams

Please join us for our General Meeting at the Harvey West Scout House.  Refreshments will be provided and informal mushroom ID from 7:00 - 7:30.  A discussion of upcoming events will precede our speaker, Catharine A. Adams.   She will be presenting "Chemical ecology of the death cap mushroom."  

2018 Suds & Shrooms Picnic (by )

? WHEN: 05/19/2018, 11 am - 4 pm
? WHERE: Scotts Valley - details in Members area of article

Mushroom beer mug The Central Coast Zymergeeks and the Fungus Federation are sponsoring our annual Suds and ‘Shrooms Potluck Picnic.

This is a great time to gather, enjoy the season and the usual array of great food that our excellent FFSC cooks provide...


North to Alaska Foray 2018 (by Bill White)

? WHEN: 25-01, September 2018
? WHERE: Sterling, Alaska

Foray is now Full

Join Bill and Jerri White at their Alaska Sports Lodge for the highly popular Alaska Foray. 

Theme for the foray, courtesy of phenomenal photographer and bon vivant Hugh Smith. It is sung to the tune of North to Alaska by Johnny Horton. Check for the melody, then sing Hugh's new, improved version:

Way up North............
Way up North............

North . . to Alaska, we're goin' north, the rush is on.
North . . to Alaska, we're goin' north, the hunt is on.

Ol' Hugh left the city, in the year of twenty ten, with
Sandi, his partner and some other mushroom friends. They
found the Kenai River, and they went where they were told. Theyfound
Cort caperatus, Lec Si Num,
and Boletes, big & bold.

Where the river is windin', Bill's Boletes we're findin',
North . . to Alaska, we're goin' north, the hunt is on.

Well Hugh turned to Phil with a Bolete in his hands.
Said, "Phil, you're a lookin' at a hungry hungry man.
I'd trade all these Porcini, that are found in this here land, forsome
good ol' deep-fried chic-ken, an' a chocolate dessert, man."

Where the Kenai is windin', big Boletes they're findin',
North . . to Alaska, we're goin' north, the hunt is on.
Alaska Bolete by Bradley Dunbaugh



Beautiful scenery, wildlife, fresh seafood and mushrooms! Edibles often found include Boletes, Gypsies, Hedgehogs, Lactarius deliciosus, and Alaska Gold, Phaeolepiota aurea. Fungal diversity can be astonishing, with some forays yielding over 200 species.

Read about our 2017 foray adventures.