Reality Check - Dispelling a Myth (reposted article from our paper newletter, the Duff) by Henry P. Young June 1998 (by )

After getting rained out on this year's annual Pipi camping foray, Phil and I decided to return several weeks later based on reports from friend of good hunting.  We drove up Friday evening, June 5, arriving at Pipi campground about 10:30 PM.   First things first, we each had a beer.  Then we made a minimal camp.  We decided that since we could see the moon through the clouds that it wouldn’t rain and didn’t set up the tent...

Pipi is on the "books" (by )

Bad News - Pipi has been cancelled.

Pipi is our most informal  long distance club foray in the Serrias.  It is a member's only foray.

The only scheduled part of this foray is  our Saturday Potluck where everyone who is attending shows up at a designated campsite and brings food and drinks to share.   Wild hunting stories are told around the campfire where often the bounty of the days hunting is found...

Spring Foray 2016

? WHEN: 29-01, May 2016
? WHERE: Eldorado National Forest, CA
Eldorado National Forest

Every year as the snows melt and the ground warms, some very delicious mushrooms coax their way up through the ground.  One of those is the coveted morel, others include  Spring King boletes, and often Coccoras.  This year's weather and snow pack has every indication that we will have a very successful foray.  Current FFSC members who are logged in on the website can get the location and date in the Members-only information  to follow. You won't see it if you aren't logged in! Click Read More below.