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Echo Summit Foray (by )

? WHEN: 18-20, September 2015
? WHERE: Echo Summit Lodge, 9010 Johnson Pass Rd, Echo Lake, CA

Our Annual Echo Summit Foray is scheduled for September 18 - 20 at the California Alpine Club’s Echo Summit Lodge, with breathtaking views overlooking the Tahoe Basin. If thunderstorms cooperate, which they did last year, we will find quite a variety of fungi, including edibles, such as Bol etus and Leccinum. Regardless of the number of mushrooms found, we always have a wonderful time.

There is no limit to the foray size itself.  FFSC members are welcome to stay off site and join us for the foray and meals.  There is also RV parking next to the lodge.  The lodge fills up fast so make sure you reserve your space in advance.  Reservations for the lodge OPEN Now.  You must be a FFSC member for you and your family to attend.  

Click here to join now.

Prince (Agaricus augustus) (by Sue Labiste/Katherine Elvin)

Mushroom of the Month: June, 2015

As a member of FFSC, I have been trying to find my "prince" in the woods.   I have heard rumors that they have been around in the fall/spring at Marshall fields, but for me, I am still waiting.

My friend Sue Labiste found some right outside her home in the Santa Cruz mountains.   Here is what she shared.  Hopefully my luck will change.

May, 2015

"Found a pigs ear in the woods!" by Steve Olejniczak

Best Photo
ISO Speed:
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Steve found this interesting mushroom while out looking for morels in Minnosota and took iphone picture. 

Date: May 12, 2015
Location: Welch, MN
Elevation: 100 ft elevation roughly
Environment: Mixed hardwood forest
Thick footed false morel
"pig's ear"
Note:  waiting for confirmation from experts

Echo Summit Foray 2015 (by )

? WHEN: 18-20, September 2015
? WHERE: Echo Summit Lodge, 9010 Johnson Pass Rd, Echo Lake, CA

Snowy view from Echo Summit Lodge 2014 Our Annual Echo Summit Foray for September at California Alpine Club’s Echo Summit Lodge, overlooking the Tahoe Basin. It’s not large, but it has a lot of character! Dues-paying FFSC members get first chance at the limited space so make sure you reserve your space in advance. 

Meet Amanita pruittii: Arora’s Amanita, Anonymous No More! (by Debbie Viess)

Mushroom of the Month: April, 2015


A. pruittii photographed by Taylor Lockwood-Mushroomobserver-creative commons

Those of us who are passionate about all aspects of wild mushrooms are a breed apart.  As mycophilic outliers to the societal norm, what better focus for our discerning attention than a mycological oddity like the newly named Amanita pruittii? This mushroom is unimposing, squat and warted, sometimes grows in standing water, and most curiously, is not found with a mycorrhizal partner!

What kind of strange Amanita is this??!


April, 2015

"Cookeina Kuntze sprouting from forest litter in Quintana Roo, Mexico" by Yev Nyden

Best Photo
Date: November 26, 2014
Camera: Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
ISO Speed: 500
Exposure: 0.50 sec
Focal Length: 97 mm
Aperture: f/4.0
Flash Used: No

Thank you Yev Nyden for contributing this exotic find from Quintana Roo, Mexico.  He says he stumbled upon this peculiar looking mushroom while hiking Nohoch Mul temple in Coba...