2019 Myco Tour with Whatscookin - Piedmont Italy (by )

I was lucky to join Britt Bunyard and the Tour Company What's Cookin to visit the Piedmont Area in Italy.   This was a special Myco focus tour along with food and wine.   I just had to go.

Did we find mushroom?   Yes we did.   We had the advantage of both Britt, the editor of FUNGI Magazine and local mycologist in the various areas we visited.

In late September and early October, the weather in the Piedmont area is cool and the rains have started.  Luckily for us they had just had some rain the week before so we were able to see some varieties.   Like our area, they too have been seeing some limited rainfalls.   Especially in the Italian Alps and the area around Alba region where the famed white truffle is found.  Tuber magnatum, trifola d'Alba Modonnna the "trufolau", for us this was unearthed by an 82 year old truffle farmer and his dog.  

We explored several areas around the Piedmont area: Vercelli, Turin, Domodossola, Asti.   We found amanita ceasarea, huge parasol mushrooms called macrolepiota procera (drum sticks), hedgehogs, chantrelles, boletes and many others.   Unfortunately we were staying at hotels and opportunities to cook and eat our findings were scarce.  

The food, wine and company was spectacular along with the beauty and agelessness of the Italian landscapes.   Winery, goat farm, Salumeria, Chocolate factory, Egyptian Museum, and botanic gardens, and many other attractions we were never bored.

Did I enjoy my tour, oh my YES.  

Thinking of what is next for next year's Croatia tour (https://www.whatscookin.it/whatscookin-in-croatia)

You can see more photos from my facebook album link here