Dec 1 Marshall Field Foray (by )

In spite of an ominous weather forecast, 18 intrepid fungiphiles came out to Marshall Field Saturday to learn about local fungal habitats and to see what the recent rain had produced.

At first glance it appeared that nothing fungal was happening, but on closer inspection,  the rotters were out in abundance.

It was a still a little too early for the mycorrizal  species to show up.  By contrast, on the same weekend last year there was an abundance of fungi including boletes, suillus and a variety of other large fleshy fungi.

At least weather also cooperated with only occasional showers and even a few patches of blue sky.

  Here is a partial list of what was observed:

  • Crystal Brain Jelly, Myxarim nucleatum
  • Brown Leafy Jelly, Tremella foliacea
  • Witches Butter, Tremella aurantia
  • Turkey Tail, Trametes versicolor
  • False Turkey Tail, Stereum hirsutum
  • Dyers Polypore, Phaeolus schweinitzii
  • Ganoderma sp?
  • Artist Conk, Ganoderma brownii
  •  Redbelted Conk, Formitopsis pinicola
  • Crepidotus sp.?
  • Carbon Balls, Annulohypoxylon thouarsianum
  • Bean Spout Mycena, Mycena capillaripes
  • Mycena sp.?
  • Flammulaster sp.
  • Lycogala epidendrum (ok, a sli me mold)
  • Deadly Galarina, Galarina marginata group ?
  • Symocybe centunculus group ?
grey blobs

         The next few weeks should be a great time for fall mushrooms in the bay area, so get out in the woods and find some fungus.