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Marshall Fields Dec 2 Local Foray

Greetings Fungal Fiends,

If you missed signing up for the Albion Long Distance Foray, don't despair.  The recent rains should provide for some local fungal activity.  We will check out what is happening around Marshall Fields this Saturday.  The area is open for collecting and has some nice mixed forests, redwoods, pine, and Douglas fir. The area has been known to produce a variety of edibles including boletus, blewits, candy caps, chanterelles, honey mushrooms, hericium, etc.  Not to mention quite a few russula, lactarius, and amanitas; edible and otherwise.


Come prepared for wet weather and muddy conditions if it rains later this week.  Be aware that this area also has plenty of poison oak, so long sleeves and gloves are recommended if you are allergic. Expect to do a bit of hiking so we can cover several different habitats. The foray should start at 9:00am and finish around 12:30 pm.


If you are interested in joining the foray, please fill out this Sign Up Form and you will receive an email in a few days with more details.  If you have further questions or if you have any trouble with the form, please contact localforays@ffsc.us.