Albion 1 - December Field Report

Another successful foray for FFSC.   Many mushroom were found although we missed the b. edulius and butter bolete flush earlier in the season by 3 - 4 weeks.   We still had many to choose from.

The weather was beautiful and club members who attended met and greeted each other as extended family members which FFSC is.   It is so good to see all our friends and as each foray passes, the list continues to grow.

We had the pleasure of both Debbie Viess and David Rust to organize and id the collections.   Alan Rockerfeller attended to provide those who were interest an colorful presentation of Mushroom of the Jackson State Demonstration Forest.   What a treat.   For those interested we have posted the species list in Forums under Finding Mushrooms.

Food and merriment was plentiful.   As you can see from Hugh's pictures of our famous potluck.   Not of the food, but of the happy faces.  Thank you Hugh.

As usual, we had some adventures and some more than others.  Everyone made it back and we left no one in the woods.

Hope to see you on our next Foray in January.