2016 Spring Sierra Pipi Foray Report (by Anna Stockel)

Morels to share After a few dry years in the area, we now have another great Pipi in the books.  The foray was well attended, we had some new members and members new to Pipi, and everyone had a fantastic time.  Check here to see some of our photos.

Firstly, the Pipi Campground is one of the nicest camp areas in which I've been.  The hosts are very attentive, there is firewood available for purchase, it is clean, it offers RV and tent camping, and has picnic-style tables, fire pits with grates, standing grills, drinking water and vault toilets.  It is in a beautiful setting right next to the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River, which is stocked with trout during fishing season.  From our campsite we could hear the soothing sound of the river which was running with plenty of water.  There is a walkway that meanders along the river for just under a mile.  The pink flowers (see right) that grow in and along the river are absolutely stunning.

The weather was sunny and warm enough in the day time to hike in a T-shirt and not too cold at night.  It did rain with a little lightening and thunder on Friday night but everyone in a tent that had a good rain fly stayed dry.

The dogwoods and manzanitas were in bloom and were beautiful.  We  also ran across gorgeous fields of lupines in bloom.

While most of the bigger morels were found by people who first drove to the King Fire, those who hunted them near Pipi were rewarded for their efforts, including a few nice blonde ones.  A few people even found morels in their own campsites.  The spring Boletes were also starting to appear and many people happily went home with those as well.  Other edibles that were found were Coccoras, corals, puffballs, and Lyophyllum decastes.  Some say that Coccoras, puff balls, and corals don't taste that great but it is a matter of personal preference, they are many good recipes to be found on the Internet.  Mysteriously, some choice spring King Boletes grew in some campsites during Saturday night!

The Saturday night pot luck lived up to its reputation.  Everyone brought delicious dishes served on a table with a homemade centerpiece.  There were appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and wine galore.  You'd never know that some were cooked over campfires and not in a professional kitchen.  Some very generous members chipped in quite a few lovely morels which were then cooked over the campfire resulting in smokey fungi goodness for everyone to try.

For those who wish to forage either in the Pipi or King Fire areas in the next several weekends you should be successful.  We're getting reports of recent findings of spring Boletes.

See you all next year!

Anna S.

Minister of Long Distance Forays