Coccoras (by Katherine Elvin)

Mushroom of the Month: December, 2015

Amanita Calyptroderma Coccoras are one of my favorite mushrooms to see and collect.   The distinctive colors, thick cottony cap and striation on the cap edge makes this amanita a little easier to id.   If I am unsure at any point, it stays in the ground and I take away the memory, image and sometimes a photo.

Debbie Viess has a very informative link here on BAMMS web site which tells more about this species.

You can go here for Mushroom Observer.
     Amanita Calyptroderma - Fall Coccora - tan to light brown
     Aminita vernicoccora - Spring Coccora - light yellow

When I was first learning I ran into a lovely patch, while walking my dog Lexy, which I thought where coccoras. But I was new, so I collected a few of them to get some positive id.   I came home and posted pictures of my finds along with another amanita sp. found in the Spring favoring oak trees on google groups.   I got some interesting comments warning me to be very careful.  I did take my coccora sample and got a positive id.  

Since then I have been enjoying both Fall and Spring coccoras found on the coastal ranges and in the Sierras.   They are beautiful and delicious and best of all one large specimen provides a tasty addition to any meal.   Be picky and selective.   I choose only firm young ones and take only what I can use right away.