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Pasta Porcini


Porcini Mushroom by Hugh SmithThis Northern Italian recipe comes from the year Deb taught school in Trieste, Italy. It’s simple, rich and flavorful, making it a great first course or side dish.


  • ½ cube butter
  • 1 oz. dried porcini (Boletus edulis & co.), reconstituted in warm water and drained.
  • 1 C panna, heavy cream or crème fraiche
  • 1 cube beef or porcini boullion
  • 1 lb. good quality dried pasta

Melt ½ cube butter
Add 1 C panna* 
Add 1 beef  or porcini boullion cube – simmer
And reconstituted dried boletes, chopped fine - simmer.
You can add judicious amounts of the mushroom soaking liquid, but so do sparingly or the sauce will be too thin.
Cook 1 lb. pasta. A good chunky pasta with lots of curves to hold the sauce, such as rotini or radiattore, works well.

Toss pasta with sauce and serve to your lucky guests.

* Panna is a special Italian cream. You can substitute heavy cream or crème fraiche

- Deb Gulluzzo and John Munoz