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Wild Mushroom Duxelles

A basket of wild mushrooms

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This is one of those recipes that could inflate your girth to frightening proportions if eaten regularly.  But it is so good that on special occasions it finds a place in my kitchen.  It can be served as a spread on a baguette or crackers.  Or it can be used as a mushroom duxelles to enliven a variety of dishes.


1/2 c butter
1/2 c finely chopped shallots
4 cloves garlic, minced
9 oz fresh wild mushrooms
1/2 c white wine
1 1/2 tsp fresh thyme, minced
1 tsp fresh rosemary, minced
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp fresh black pepper
3 Tbl fresh parsley


A note on mushroom species: Craterellus cornucopioides are the best I know.  King boletes can overpower this recipe, so use sparingly and mix with milder species.  For some mushroom species like chanterelles it is necessary to dry-saute first.  Of course, be absolutely sure of your species!  


Sauté in an open skillet  butter, shallots, garlic and mushrooms


Deglaze pan with 1/2 cup dry white wine


Add thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper


Saute above mixture until nearly dry, then add 3 Tbsp fresh parsley and only sauté lightly.


Remove from pan.  Puree very lightly (just a second or two) in the blender or food processor.  This adds to creaminess, but you don't want to lose the texture from bits of shallot and mushroom


Scoop into a small terrine or pãté mold, seal container and refrigerate until use. Garnish with fresh rosemary or thyme if served as a spread, or just keep it sealed and handy to enliven vegetables or meat dishes.


So simple! 

I am hoping everyone who loves to cook and eat mushrooms will send in thier favorites.  Let's warm our appetites for this upcoming season.