Mushroom microscopy lecture and workshop (by Alan Rockefeller)

? WHEN: 02/24/2014, 6-10 pm
? WHERE: Sudo Room, 2141 Broadway, Oakland

I am giving a lecture and workshop on mushroom microscopy at Sudo Room in downtown Oakland this Monday, 2/24 at 6pm!
I will start with a powerpoint presentation that goes over some basic microscope stuff, then some intermediate level microscope stuff, and then photos of the various microscopic structures you will be looking for in mushroom identification.   There will be a live demo of how to use ImageJ to digitally measure spores and cystidia.
After I am done speaking, we will use microscopes to look at mushrooms that people bring in, or if no one brings mushrooms we will look at mushrooms that I brought back from my recent trip to Mexico.
The goal of my talk and workshop will be to teach people how to prepare slides and look at the microscopic features of mushrooms, and more importantly how to turn what you see into useful information.

The lecture starts at 6 and goes until maybe 7:30, and after that I will teach people hands on how to use a microscope until the last person gets tired of learning, which will probably be around 10pm but could go all night if people want.   I am bringing four microscopes, but there will be more than 4 people, so if you have a microscope, bring it!

There is a buzzer you can press to unlock the door.


The cost is $0.   RSVP not necessary.  Late arrivals welcomed.