Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: The banner at the top of the home page is too fast — I can’t read the text next to the picture.
A: If you hover the cursor at either end of the picture, arrows appear. Click on one and it slows down the change so you can read the text. Click when finished to go on to the next picture.

Q: Can't see pictures in Google+.
A: You might need to join Google+ to see them. To join, go to

Q: My user name keeps failing.
A: You must enter it exactly as you typed when registering for your account. Try to find an account confirmation email. Maybe you should use all lower case? If all fails, try resetting your password:

Q: I can't complete the first part of my registration.
A: You must fill in all the boxes, including the 'how did you first hear about FFSC.'

Q: Why can’t I see information about long distance forays?
A: You must be a logged-in member to see foray details.