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Calendar Tutorial

You can be automatically reminded of events through the FFSC Calendar, which can be viewed on our website or your computer, tablet or smartphone. Here’s how to use it:

FFSC Calendar Page To subscribe to the FFSC Google calendar, click the Calendar link in the top navigation bar.

Click “add to Google Calendar”. You’ll be prompted to enter your Google account login and password, and assisted in adding the FFSC calendar to yours. If you use the FFSC Google Group, you already have a password and login; use them. FFSC events will now appear on your Google calendar. If not, you’ll be prompted to set up an account.

Button to subscribe to calendar via iCal or Outlook If you’d prefer to add this calendar to Apple iCal or Outlook, click “Subscribe via iCal or Outlook” in the dropdown menu and select “General Calendar”. Click the “Subscribe” link. Events will appear on your iCal or Outlook calendar.

Adding one event to calendar If you don’t want to subscribe to the calendar and receive notification of all events, you can add a single event to your personal calendar by hovering over “WHEN” on an event you’re reviewing on the site. You’ll be given the option to save the event to your calendar. You can also click on an event on the calendar page and copy it to your calendar.

Clicking on a calendar entry brings up more details, address and map.

For help in setting up email or text message reminders, if desired, see Google Calendar support.