Must Know to go on a Long Distance Foray

FFSC Long Distance forays are open to members. The leaders of our trips serve in a volunteer capacity and assume no responsibility above that of trip organizer. All trips require appropriate physical conditioning. If you have special medical requirements or any condition that might affect your ability to participate in the trip, it is your responsibility to inform the trip leader before departure. While our trip leaders are not paid professionals, they are encouraged to participate in training to increase their skills. All outings officially begin at the trailhead. If you must cancel a reservation, inform the leader promptly. The deposit requirements and refund policy of each trip are available from the trip leader. Please obtain and review them prior to making your deposit.

Trip planning notes:

  • Remember to verify any listed dates with the trip coordinator before you make long-range vacation plans. Sometimes dates initially selected have to be changed.
  • The payment of a deposit does not confirm you as a member on the trip. Participants must be approved by the trip leader. After registering for this trip, send your deposit. The leader will notify you of your acceptance in a timely manner.
  • The trip cost normally covers lodging, camping and park fees, and club administrative overhead. Food and camping gear are to be supplied by the participants.
  • Please note that prices listed may be tentative.
  • You should understand that activities on this trip (or any trip of this nature) contain inherent risks, including injury, illness, and potentially death. Those who participate in this outing assume all of the risks and will hold the FFSC, its agents, and leaders harmless from any and all responsibility, negligence, actions, or suits of any kind or nature whatsoever, for loss or damage to property or personal injuries sustained during this outing. The Foray Ministers, a volunteer board that governs the Long Distance Forays program, regrets the need for this requirement.
  • Participants make their own carpooling arrangements if desired. Generally a note posted on the FFSC Google Group is effective. FFSC does not provide insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them.  Carpooling, ride sharing or any similar activity is strictly a private arrangement among the participants.  Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.