Apostles Lutheran School has three excellent programs in the Jr. Kindergarten - 8th Grade system. 

  • Primary
  • Elementary
  • Middle

Primary Primary - Jr. Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Students in the primary grades develop the necessary foundation for future learning. The ore curriculum focuses on language acquisition skills, mathematical concepts, and Bible history basics.  The Zoo Phonics programs develops the skills of the emerging reader in a research proven, fun and memorable way. Most importantly, these young hearts learn the truth of the Gospel message each day. Art, Music, and PE are introduced in Jr. K and are a regular part of the Jr.K-8th grade program. 

Elementary Elementary - 3rd - 5th Grade
Students in the elementary grades build on the foundation established in the primary grades. Language acquisition skills transform into languge fluency. Mathematical computation is enhanced with problem solving skills, and Bible History lessons are connected to real word applications.  Foundational skills in science, social studies, and geography are a regular part of the elementary curriculum. Students in the elementary grades begin using their athletic and artistic skills in varied ways. 

Middle Middle School - 6th - 8th Grade
Middle School students delve deeper into the core curriculum from guidance by instructors who specialize in religion, math, history, science, and language arts. High school equivalent courses in Algebra and Geometry are a staple in math, hands on experiences are a regularly included in science and math curriculum, and technology is integrated across the curriculum. Middle school students also undergo a series of topical and doctrinal bible studies which further enhance their relationship with Jesus. 

This three-tiered system has proven effective for over forty years as Apostles graduates consistently test in the top 20% of students across the nation and are accepted at the high school of their choice.