Photo Of the Month

We know many of you are out in the field, camera in hand, taking beautiful, interesting, awe-inspiring or just plain quirky images. They may be coffee-table-book-beautiful, show a field guide level of detail, or convey the sheer joy of mushrooming. Let’s share them! Enter your choice pics in the Fungus Federation’s Photo of the Month contest. Winning images (editor’s choice) will be posted on the FFSC website and may be used in a FFSC publication. Your images will not be used for commercial purposes.

Submitting Images

We will source images from those submitted on the FFSC Google Group as well as individually submitted images. Images can be submitted via email to <>.

Technical Criteria

Please send an image that does not have EXIF metadata stripped off or just full-sized original image if you are unsure. Acceptable formats: anything but RAW files.

Information Required

  • Photographer’s name
  • Title for image, if any
  • Optional: Date, Latin Binomial
  • Give us few words about the collection if you’d like. Rough location, habitat, did you leave them in the field or bring home? If edible, how did you prepare them?

Past Photos Of the Month

February, 2014

"A Little Buggy" by Karen Hilker

Best Photo
Date: July 08, 2011
Camera: Canon Canon PowerShot S3 IS
ISO Speed:
Exposure: 0.02 sec
Focal Length: 6 mm
Aperture: f/2.7
Flash Used: No
During a walk in the Sierra, I snapped some pictures of a light tan blob on a charred tree...

January, 2014

"So long without rain..." by Hugh Smith

Best Photo
Date: 05 January, 2014
ISO Speed:
Focal Length:
Flash Used:

So long without rain
Mushrooms poking their heads up
Soon become crispy!

This has been the driest year on record for Santa Cruz, having received only 1.3 inches so far this season of our average 11 inches to date...

December, 2013

"Baby oyster mushrooms" by Steve Olejniczak

Best Photo
Date: November 02, 2013
ISO Speed: 100
Exposure: 0.03 sec
Focal Length: 7 mm
Aperture: f/11.0
Flash Used: Yes
Found these cute baby Oyster mushrooms in the Santa Cruz Mts. on Nov. 3rd, 2013. I used my old Olympus C4000.

November, 2013

"Boletus mirabilis" by Yevgeny Nyden

Best Photo
Date: October 13, 2013
Camera: SAMSUNG SGH-M919
ISO Speed: 1000
Exposure: 0.07 sec
Focal Length: 4 mm
Aperture: f/2.2
Flash Used: No
Boletus mirabilis, commonly known as the admirable bolete, the bragger's bolete, and the velvet top, is an edible species of fungus in the Boletaceae mushroom family. Wikipedia
I took this photo in the Olympic National Park, Washington when I was visiting the Puget Sound Wild Mushroom Show.

September, 2013

"Hygrocybe miniata group" by Hugh Smith

Best Photo
Date: September 14, 2013
Camera: Canon Canon EOS REBEL T3i
ISO Speed: 100
Exposure: 0.50 sec
Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture: f/32.0
Flash Used: No

It takes a sharp eye to find this little waxy cap, especially for those of us that are color-challenged! Hygrocybe miniata, or those in that group differing in minute ways, are very colorful little mushrooms that grow in a variety of habitats including rotting wood and moss, as these were. These were fresh since they are still quite red. As they age, they frequently fade to dull orange to yellow, which often leads to mis-identification when found in this state...