2016 Fall Members Mushroom ID Classes (by )

Phil Carpenter will be leading a series of Fall Mushroom Identification classes. Starting October a series of 4 classes.  Classes will be held in Santa Cruz from 7-9 pm.  Participants must be active current club members and be able to attend all 4 sessions but since the class is free, the membership dues are the only fee for nonmembers.  If your membership has lapsed, it is important to renew it! There is no charge for the class for members and it is not open to non-members.  Come with fresh mushrooms from field or lawn, forest or mountains.

The classes are organized as a hands-on workshop with mushrooms collected and brought to class by the participants. We will once again use the field guide, Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora, as our class "text". Instruction will be given how to use this resource. While many of the mushrooms listed in that book have been changed, the basic descriptions are still valid and informative. Go to the Members - only section to sign up.

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