2017 Albion I Foray - December (by )

? WHEN: 01-03, December 2017
? WHERE: Albion Field Station, Albion Field Station, 34100 Albion Street Albion, CA 95410

This is Albion I, our annual December foray to the Albion Field Station, located six miles south of Mendocino. The Mendocino Coast is a bountiful haven for fungal species in any season. The Albion I foray focuses on a wide range of fungi, with edibles including boletes, chanterelles, candy caps, matsutake and hedgehogs.  There is no limit to the foray size itself.  FFSC members are welcome to stay off site and join us for the both Saturday foray and Saturday night potluck. You must be a FFSC member for you and your guests to attend.

The Albion Retreat and Learning Center is located just one mile from the seashore, eight miles south of Mendocino, 28 miles from the Jackson Demonstration Forest, and 60 miles from Salt Point in the valley of an old lumber camp on the Albion River, it has welcomed students and visitors with its rustic charm since 1947.  The Albion Retreat and Learning Center is owned and operated by Pacific Union College and offers an ideal base from which to foray in the nearby Jackson Demonstration Forest.

The Albion Retreat and Learning Center features heated private cabins with private baths and a large dining hall with a commercial kitchen. The center serves as our foray base and we utilize the kitchen for meals and our famous Saturday night potluck. Additional information regarding the Albion Retreat and Learning Center can be found at http://www.puc.edu/puc-life/albion/home.

We encourage all those who want to learn more about mushrooms come to the lab and help out with the ID.   


Jackson Demonstration Forest - Cal Fire is closed on the weekends - please refrain from buying your permit in Fort Bragg on Friday.

  • Permit info 
  • Please allow around 15 days for mail and processing of the application.
  • Permits are valid from when you purchase it to June 30 when it expires.
  • Collecting without a permit or in violation of the permit is a Misdemeanor punishable by up to $1,000.00, six months in jail, or both.

Salt Point -

  • Not required
  • There is a bag limit of five pounds of mushrooms per person per day, and commercial picking of any kind is not allowed. Fines are steep for infringements—up to $300.


Happy Hunting,

Long Distance Foray Minister


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