Fungus Fair 2024 - Fair Vendors

While you're at the Fair, don't forget to pay a visit to our vendors. You'll find a phenomenal assortment of food, books, fresh and dried wild mushrooms, growing kits, artwork, mushroom-dyed silks, jewelry and more. Vendors are located throughout the venue:

 Far West Fungi


Light Energy Glass

Jeff Hinkle


MacLean Custom Screen Printing

Robin MacLean


Forage and Dye

Catherine Gunderson


The Local Naturalist

Andrea Dingedein


Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History


J Calcagno Pottery

Jeannine Calcagno


The Penny Ice Creamery


Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz- Stores


KIng of Mushrooms

Todd Spanier and Christine Spanier



Mayumi Fujio


Spore Prints

Sara Stinson


Cluster Mush

Thomas Young


Ancient Hands Tile

Steve Baranowski


Santa Cruz Fungi

Katie Sarna


Eco Geek Art

Noelle Valdez


Mush Love

Elle Mathews