Fungus Fair 2014 - Kids Room & Student Series

Student Series Flyer - Feel free to print and post or pass around!

2014 Education Worksheets - print and bring with you to the Fair

  • Funky Fungus Names - Funky Fungi Common Names are presented, the Genus is supplies and the students find the Species Name and two additional attributes.
  • Fungus I Found   - Students mark off mushrooms they have found in different groups. Includes mushroom anatomy diagram with glossary, group pictures and descriptions.
  • Fungus Illustrated - Students draw pictures of fungi they like and include the Common & Scientific Names and two additional attributes.
  • Fungus Scavenger Hunt - Students look for fungi with specific characteristics and write down the Common & Scientific Names.
  • Fungus Talk - Students attend a Fungus Presentation and write about what they learned and would like to explore further.


Fungus Fair Student Series

Kids' Room

Girl with Mushroom earrings

Kids art activities at Fungus Fair

Activities include mushroom silk dyeing, clay sculpting, face painting, button art, even a treasure hunt! In fact, this room full of wonder also has examples of the different kinds of mushrooms that grow in the Bay Area, with someone to help explain what they are. Fun and education for the whole family.

Taste, touch and smell—kids love to use their senses to discover many of the varieties of mushrooms we have displayed in the Kid’s Room. Crafts, such as making clay mushrooms, mushroom scavenger hunt, button making, and dying fabric with mushroom dyes, are offered along with story-telling sessions. What color mushroom do you want painted on your face?

The Kids' Room is open Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 4 for children to learn and have fun in the company of their adult companion.

Fungal Rorschach Mushroom Shibori

Mushroom Fractal