April 2023

Bill White Memorial Alaska Foray (by )

? WHEN: 26-02, September 2023
? WHERE: Sterling, Alaska

Bill White Memorial Alaska Foray
August 26 – September 2, 2023

For many years, Bill and Jerri White have hosted the FFSC at their lodge on the Kenai River in Alaska. We have enjoyed beautiful scenery, wildlife, fresh seafood and mushrooms! Edibles often found include Boletes, Gypsies, Hedgehogs, Lactarius deliciosus, and Alaska Gold, Phaeolepiota aurea. Fungal diversity can be astonishing, with some forays yielding over 200 species. Read about our 2017 foray adventures. We are so very sad to report that Bill White Sr. has passed on. His son and partner in the lodge, Bill Jr., is welcoming the FFSC back for a farewell foray. A number of spaces have been previously reserved by those who attended Bill’s memorial. Six spaces are still available to current dues-paying FFSC members. The window for reservations will close on April 15th and the foray will fill quickly! See below for reservation details.