July 2022

2022 Albion I Foray - December (by )

? WHEN: 02-04, December 2022
? WHERE: Albion Field Station, Albion Field Station, 34100 Albion Street Albion, CA 95410

Members staying offsite can now purchase a ticket (non refundable to offset the cost of the group permit, cafeteria rental and speaker fees) to join us for the morning Saturday foray, our fabulous Saturday night potluck, and the listen to our guest speaker. However you must show proof of vaccination and you must be a FFSC member for you and your guests to attend.  Masks are still required in the buildings.

We have the pleasure of having Chad Hyatt, author of the Mushroom Hunter's Kitchen, who will be our guest presenter on Saturday night. https://www.themushroomhunterskitchen.com/

The Albion Retreat and Learning Center is located just one mile from the seashore, eight miles south of Mendocino, and 28 miles from a state forest, and 60 miles from Salt Point in the valley of an old lumber camp on the Albion River, it has welcomed students and visitors with its rustic charm since 1947. The Albion Retreat and Learning Center is owned and operated by Pacific Union College. All guests have access to the cafeteria, kitchen, laboratory and classroom.  The Mendocino Coast is a bountiful haven for fungal species in any season. The Albion foray focuses on a wide range of fungi, with edibles including boletes, chanterelles, candy caps, matsutake and hedgehogs. 

The Albion Retreat and Learning Center features heated private cabins with private baths and a lovely dining hall with a commercial kitchen. The center serves as our foray base and we utilize the kitchen for meals and our famous Saturday night potluck. Additional information regarding the Albion Retreat and Learning Center can be found at https://www.puc.edu/about-puc/albion-field-station.