December 2019

2020 46th Annual Santa Cruz Fungus Fair (by Les Seltzer)

? WHEN: 10-12, January 2020
? WHERE: Louden Nelson Community Center

Come to Santa Cruz and explore the fascinating world of Mushrooms.  Learn interesting and fun facts about the hundreds of beautiful and fascinating species of mushrooms found in the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay area. Fungi will be beautifully displayed in a re-created woodland habitat...

Mushrooms: Keys to the Kingdom of Fungi - Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History (by Katherine Elvin)

? WHEN: 11-01, March 2020
? WHERE: Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

FFSC is partnering with Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Mushrooms: Keys to the Kingdom of Fungi

The story of fungi is integral to the story of life. Wherever there is life, there are fungi. Fungi are not plants and they are not animals, they are their own category of living organism. Mushrooms: Keys to the Kingdom Fungi explores the variety of fruiting bodies produced by fungi from the edible to the outrageous...

Jack O'Lantern (by )

Forums:  Local Forays

I need Jack O”Lantern mushrooms to dye my alpaca yarn for the upcoming FFSC Fungus Fair.

Please contact me if you find any which I can use.
Thank you.
-Candi Kauffman

December, 2019

""Mushroom Flower"" by Alex Russakovsky

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On a yearly trip to the Mendonoma coast that we always dedicate to the memory of Ryane Snow. Spent some days under pouring rain hunting for edibles, however not much to report. About 200 chanterelles (3 different varieties), 15 matsutake, 20 honeys, a couple of pigs' ears.