Albion I Foray - 2013 (by )

The lead photo says it all -- it was cold! 49 hardy foragers attended the Albion I foray, with some last-minute cancellations due to dry conditions, and, ironically, Friday night's rain-turned-snow on hightways 101 and 20. Those who made the trip were Mendocino Coast by Kitty Elvin rewarded with a clear blue sky and bracing temperatures Saturday morning. The mushrooms should have been flash-frozen! Many thanks to Kitty Elvin for her beautiful images.

This foray presented proof positive that Mendocino never disappoints for fungi. Even in this dry year, 30 - 40 species were collected and identified under Henry Young's guidance.  

Albatrellus flettii by Kitty Elvin The most common edibles were the chanterelles, both white and golden; most folks found at least a few. Some of the more interesting collections, covered in Henry's saturday evening table walk &talk, included Albatrellus flettii, a blue stalked polypore, and an earth star, which we rarely see up north.  Pine spikes were fairly abundant, with a good representation of Chroogomphus ochraceous, a species we don't frequently see in Santa Cruz. 

Arrangements at Albion have recently changed, with mushrooms again being ID'ed in the main room.  The lab Polypore by Kitty Elvin building has been converted to a lounge. It was really nice having everyone together with specimens close at hand. 

Sam with Chanterelles by Kitty Elvin Saturday night's potluck was fantastic! Kudos to Wendy Wells and Geno West for their capable organizing, and for thoughtfully providing fresh coffee every morning.

Reservations will be accepted beginning December 10 for the Albion II foray scheduled for January 31 - February 2. Scroll down the homepage to the Albion II article for details.