2016 Fungus Fair

? WHEN: 08-10, January 2016
? WHERE: Louden Nelson Community Center, Louden Nelson Community Center

Come to Santa Cruz and explore the Kingdom of Fungi! Learn about the hundreds of beautiful and fascinating species of mushrooms found in the Santa Cruz/Monterey and Bay Area. Find fungi on display in a re-created woodland habitat. This unique Santa Cruz tradition features three days of fantastic fun, informative speakers and demonstrations, with fungal activities for the whole family. Initiated by David Arora in 1973, this year's fair represents 42 years of keeping the "fun" in fungi. Join the fun!

2016 fungus fair

The FFSC actively promotes the study of mushrooms, and is dedicated to encouraging an avid interest in the fungal kingdom. We hunt mushrooms for scientific interest and for the table. We encourage a sense of wonder with regard to one of the least understood segments of our global environment. We are fungiphiles, and you just might be one, too...

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