December UCSC Local Foray (by )

? WHEN: 12/19/2015, 9 am - 12 pm
? WHERE: Marshall Fields

We will be foraging at the Marshall Fields, UCSC Natural Reserve area, and we are allowed to take mushrooms we find there.

All are subject to cancellation/possible location change

Closed - Full

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Last year, it was a beautiful day to explore the woods, and though we've had a dry spell and hence lack of fleshy fungi, we found a surprising range of mushrooms: Waxy Caps, Black Trumpets, Helvellas, Mycenas, Giant Gyms, Lion's Mane, Deer Mushrooms, a lone Candy Cap, Amanitas, Artist Conks, Sulfur Tufts, Turkey Tails, Lichens, Russulas and more. 


Please note: 

  • All local forays are subject to cancellation/possible location changes. 
  • Be considerate and signup only if you can attend.
  • Do not show up if you have not gotten a confirmation from the local foray minister.

Happy Hunting

Cass Fuentes
Minister of Local Forays