May, 2013

"Morel, the Magnificent Morel" by Hugh Smith

Best Photo
Date: May 22, 2013
Camera: Canon Canon EOS REBEL T3i
ISO Speed: 100
Exposure: 5.00 sec
Focal Length: 18 mm
Aperture: f/13.0
Flash Used: No

This was one of only a few of this type of Morel that I found on this foray. I was in Lassen National Forest. It was a time when the State had no money to open all of the Campgrounds. It was actually very late in the season for Morels, but there's always something to find. Morels in the Sierras like disturbed areas as well as burns.

I went on a weekday. No one had begun to clean up the campgrounds where I was and so it was a successful hunt...


Polenta to Die For – a..k.a. “Double Your Lipitor” Polenta  Dennis Nolan


Dennis Nolan brought this to the Wine & Mushroom Fest and it was outstanding! The original recipe comes from At Home with Michael Chiarello, by Michael Chiarello...


? WHEN: 24-27, October 2013
? WHERE: Shepherd of the Ozarks Conference Center, 1343 SHEPHERD LANE, COUNTY ROAD 139 HARRIET, AR, 72639

The 2013 NAMA foray will be held October 24–27 in Arkansas in the Ozark Mountain Range, hosted by the Arkansas Mycological Society.

There's an old folk saying about the Ozark Mountains: "It's not that the mountains are so high, it's just that the valleys are so deep." This is true because the Ozark Mountains are a heavily eroded plateau, pushed up eons ago and carved out by hundreds of streams over thousands of years...

FFSC Membership (for 1 year)

A membership in the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz is $20 per household for both new members and for renewing members. A household is two adults and minor children. At this time, a household shares one email address and one user name. Each membership payment adds one calendar year to the membership expiration date from the date processed.

Must Know to go on a Long Distance Foray

FFSC Long Distance forays are open to members. The leaders of our trips serve in a volunteer capacity and assume no responsibility above that of trip organizer. All trips require appropriate physical conditioning. If you have special medical requirements or any condition that might affect your ability to participate in the trip, it is your responsibility to inform the trip leader before departure...

Collecting Ethics & Etiquette

A few pointers to promote fungal fruiting and maintain harmony in the mushrooming community

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