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Ganoderma Species Sequencing For Biomaterials Research

Hello Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz!


I am hoping to connect and respectfully request your assistance in sourcing samples of California Ganoderma species for culturing, storage, sequencing, and distribution.


My research at Stanford involves making objects with mycelium and Ganoderma is one of the promising species we use. I would like to source local strains and sequence their genomes and share them with people openly and freely so people can work with sequenced strains.


I have collected some samples but I would like to partner with the Federation community to find even more wonderful specimens. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would like to donate some well catalogued and documented samples (GPS cache, photos, etc.).


In exchange for the sample, photo/data, and the story of how and where you found the critter, I would happily buy you lunch and or a coffee/tea and of course you would be recognized for finding the sample!


Thank you for your time and consideration.


With great thanks and appreciation,