January UCSC Local Foray (by )

? WHEN: 01/16/2016, 9 am - 12 pm
? WHERE: UCSC - extact meeting spot will be in your confirmation

We will be foraging at the Marshall Fields, UCSC Natural Reserve area, and we are allowed to take mushrooms we find there.

All are subject to cancellation/possible location change

-- Sorry foray is full --

Click here to signup. (or just send email to <http://ffsc.us/e?q=cz43R2F0Hm9YbyVVXkZ5eRZlMUtiM0w-3D_596>)

We can  find a surprising range of mushrooms: Waxy Caps, Black Trumpets, Helvellas, Mycenas, Giant Gyms, Lion's Mane, Deer Mushrooms, a lone Candy Cap, Amanitas, Artist Conks, Sulfur Tufts, Turkey Tails, Lichens, Russulas and more.   

Please note: 

  • All local forays are subject to cancellation/possible location changes. 
  • Be considerate and signup only if you can attend.
  • Do not show up if you have not gotten a confirmation from the local foray minister.

Happy Hunting

Cass Fuentes
Minister of Local Forays