Mushroom of the Month (MOM)

Learn a new mushroom or just refresh your memory! The M.O.M. page is a good source for background intel on mushrooms you may encounter in your wanderings.

Past Mushrooms of the Month

Matsutake (by Bob Sellers)

Mushroom of the Month: August, 2013

Of all the choice edible mushrooms that occur in our area, none has eluded me longer than the matsutake, Tricholoma magnivelare. The name matsutake literally means pine mushroom, from the habitat in which it is found in Japan. Formerly called Armillaria ponderosa, our species is a close relative of the Japanese form.

Mycophagy Challenge: Ten Edibles to find this Year (by Douglas Smith)

Mushroom of the Month: January, 2012

Editor’s note: This list pays homage to Douglas’ top ten favorites and serves as inspiration for collecting in the coming season.  It was published in the "Duff", our FFSC newsletter in October of 2008 and has been brought back this January for old time members to enjoy again and for our new members who may just now be exploring the world of edible mushrooms.  It is not a field guide...