Mushroom of the Month (MOM)

Learn a new mushroom or just refresh your memory! The M.O.M. page is a good source for background intel on mushrooms you may encounter in your wanderings.

Past Mushrooms of the Month

Fomes fomentarius, the “Tinder Fungus” (by )

Mushroom of the Month: October, 2014

Recently four small specimens of Fomes fomentarius were gifted to me by a friend returning from the FFSC Alaska foray.  I was delighted, but not for the usual reasons.

Most of us enjoy the process of walking through moist forests in search of fungi for the table.  For some of us, it is the hope of finding a rare or unusual species that draws us to the woods.  But in a time before matches and Bic lighters, a hike in the woods yielded fungi that held the promise of a fire.


A Bolete by Any Other Name... (by )

Mushroom of the Month: September, 2014

As many of you know the mushroom world has been going through a lot of changes in recent years with the onset of genetic sequencing. One of the main impacts of this has been the renaming or reclassification of not only singular mushrooms, but in some instances whole genera (heck, Suillus got its own family!). It sometimes seems that just about every mushroom we see in our local woods now has a new name or spot in the myco tree of life. And one of our most prized groups of local mushrooms, the boletes, is no exception. With the recent publishing of scientific papers some of their names have changed as well. So let’s dive in at the first official wave of name changes to impact our beloved Boletus.

Snorkeling for "The Rogue" Mushroom (by )

Mushroom of the Month: August, 2014

I guess it’s not so strange.  When the weather is hot and a little moisture is a pleasure, we head for the swimming hole.  Apparently Psathyrella aquatica has similar habits.

This small, drab mushroom would hardly be distinguishable from most other Psathyrellae species if it weren’t for its habit of fruiting underwater. This is most unusual behavior for a gilled fungus...

Sorry, it's a Suillus (by )

Mushroom of the Month: April, 2014

One of the most common remarks I get from eager beginners in the fall and winter is, "look at all these Boletes!" Excited that they have just hit the mother load of culinary excellence, I remark (as many before me), "sorry… it's a Suillus". As what a Suillus is and why it is not on par with a "true" Bolete is explained, you can see the disappointment set in...