Soquel Demonstration Forest local Foray (by )

? WHEN: 02/06/2016, 9 am - 12 pm
? WHERE: Soquel Demonstration Forest

Our next foray is at the Soquel Demonstration Forest!   You are allowed to pick here, but you must get your permit.  The permit is free.

Registration is FULL

Last time we found Black Trumpets virtually everywhere! Everyone who attended went home with some Craterellus cornucopioides.

Hygrocybe photographed by Hugh Smith- not from this foray.

Also spotted were beautiful Waxy Caps (Hygrocybe flavescens and coccinea), various Ramarias, Black Elfin Saddles (Helvella dryophila group), and Gyromitras (infula?), to name just a few. 

All are subject to cancellation/possible location change

SIGN UP/Confirmation is REQUIRED

Please note: 

  • All local forays are subject to cancellation/possible location changes. 
  • Be considerate and signup only if you can attend.
  • Do not show up if you have not gotten a confirmation from the local foray minister.

- Cass Fuentes

Minister of Local Forays